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4 Ways to Soothe a Teething Baby for First Time Moms

Teething Baby

Mother is considered living god on earth by most of the traditions and religions in the world. But even god would have got tired, irritated, and exhausted while taking care of a baby. There are several stages in a baby’s growth that demand just more than attention. Teething is one of the stages where the baby appears most disturbed and cranky. If a mother doesn’t know how to soothe a teething baby, then it would certainly become a nightmare for both baby and mother. There are several ways to soothe teething pain of a baby. A few of them have been listed below.

Teething BabyChill baby, Chill

Providing comfort through chilled or sometimes frozen objects is one of the oldest methods to soothe teething pain of a baby. Keeping non-choking and non-hazardous objects or toys in the freezer for some time and then giving them to your baby to chew or gnaw would make sure that your baby gets instant relief. You can also use a frozen washcloth to gently touch your baby’s gums or let the baby chew on it. Some paediatricians suggest giving fruits and hard vegetables, like carrot, kept in the refrigerator for sometimes, to babies to bite.

Let Me Massage

mother rubbing lotion on baby girlMassage therapy has shown several benefits even in adults for pains and sprains. You can use the same method to soothe a teething baby. The idea is to apply some sort of pressure on the gums to increase the blood circulation and bring much-needed relief for the baby. You can use your own fingers, or you can use a wooden spoon or other wooden toys to massage the gums of your baby. Just make sure that your hands are clean, and the wooden objects are sterilized. This method should be done with a lot of care and love since the baby may not cooperate according to your wishes.

Medication is Meditation

There are some over-the-counter medicines than can be used when the baby starts acting too cranky and irritated. These all basically relieve the pain and help in soothing the baby. Syrups containing Acetaminophen like Tylenol could be a possible remedy. You can also administer medicines like Advil or Motrin, which contain Ibuprofen. These mild medicines provide temporary relief. If your baby continues with cranky behaviour, you should consult your doctor for any other medicines or treatment.

I Love You, My Child

Of all the remedies and methods, the mother’s love is the strongest. Hence, sometimes, showing love to your baby may suffice in soothing its pain. Cuddling your baby for longer than usual would ensure your baby that you are with him in his struggle. Singing a song or lullaby whenever he starts showing signs of crankiness would make him concentrate on your song. This might even put him to sleep for some time. Playing with your baby would make him forget his pain. Distracting him with your activities or weird behaviour would also keep him occupied. These activities also help in strengthening the bond between a mother and baby.

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