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All You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation helps to give proper shape and completeness of your breasts. At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute of the Mayfield Heights, Dr. Jason Leedy, is highly skilled in offering a wide spectrum of cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgery procedures including breast augmentation services that meet every woman’s needs. 

Breast AugmentationUnderstanding Breast Augmentation

This procedure is also known as breast enlargement. At Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, the silicone implants used by Dr. Leedy would be filled with a mixture of saline-water for enhancing your breasts.

Reasons why you should consider getting a breast augmentation procedure done

This procedure helps to enhance your appearance by improving your bust line. It reconstructs the breasts after a traumatic injury, and generally corrects uneven breasts. It is also used to reduce the size of the breasts after pregnancy.

Breast augmentation procedure

Before the procedure, Dr. Leedy will first conduct a physical examination on your initial visit. This will help him understand your breasts’ size and condition so that he will be able to decide the implant size you will need and where he will place them.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed while you are under the influence of general anesthesia. An incision is made either in the inframammary (a crease under the breasts), the axillary (under the arm), or the periareolar (around the nipple). The breast tissue would be separated from the muscles along with the connective tissue of the chest. It would create a pocket behind or before the pectoral muscle- which is the chest wall’s outermost muscle. The implant would then be inserted into the pocket and centered behind the nipple.

It would be pertinent to mention here that saline implants would usually be inserted first and later filled using sterile water once they are in place. Rest assured that silicone implants have been pre-filled using silicone gel.

 The incision would then be closed with stitches and bandaged with surgical tape and skin adhesive. 

Breasts augmentation recovery and results

Breast augmentation procedures do not require a hospital stay. You could experience soreness, but in a matter of 48 hours, you will resume normal activities. Your doctor recommends that you avoid exhausting activities or anything that would raise the blood pressure or pulse for a couple of weeks. It is essential to keep your expectations realistic and not expect perfection. Remember, your breasts would continue to age and will be affected by weight gain and weight loss. In case you are dissatisfied with the results, you can schedule another appointment to correct your concerns.

To learn more about breast enlargement options and further understand what the surgery involves, including possible risks, complications, and follow-up care, contact Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute or visit their website to book an appointment for the best and advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques that will rejuvenate your breasts.

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