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Benefits of Annual Physical Exams

Physical Exams

The overall health status of an individual is very important. Precautions are necessary when you are planning on living a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health by visiting The Doctor’s House and getting an annual physical exam in West New York. The team of medical experts has all the equipment needed to perform the various medical tests necessary for your annual physical exams.

Some of the tests offered by the medical team in the facility are cancer, dental, sexually transmitted Infections, High blood pressure, and diabetes tests. Why do you require to schedule annual physical exams? The following are the benefits of annual physical exams.

Keeps a history of your medical records

Medical records are very important. The doctors in these facilities will store your medical records after getting the annual physical medical exam. The medical exams are conducted annually, and the records can be stored chronologically for future references. The annual physical exam specialist can easily access the records in the future when needed.

Early diagnosis

Annual physical exams are very important because diseases can be diagnosed and treated early. Medical conditions cannot be treated if diagnosed in the late stages, such as cancer. Men and women undergo screening to diagnose the existence of cancer conditions or any other health conditions that can compromise an individual’s health in the future.

Early diagnosis is the main reason why physical exams are carried out every year. The annual physical exams act as preventive measures in the lives of people.

Better treatment after diagnosis of a health condition

Treatment can be carried out better when a disease is diagnosed early. The annual physical exam specialists have enough time to evaluate the medical condition and give you proper treatment without any rush. Moreover, annual physical exams lead to accurate diagnosis of diseases.

Keeping of up-to-date medical conditions

You can keep an annual medical record because the tests are conducted each year. You can be aware of the current medical state. The situation will not be the same if you take years before getting physical exams.

Annual physical exams allow your primary care physician to know you better

Getting annual physical exams from a caregiver allows the primary caregiver to understand the state of your health. This benefit best applies to children. The primary caregiver conducts annual physical exams on your child for several years. The long period of analyzing the child’s health allows the physician to understand their health better.


Chronic diseases that are responsible for high mortality cases are diagnosed early. You increase your chances of living longer when you go for annual physical exams.

Annual physical exams allow you to track your health trends

You will be aware of your general health situation and changes when you get physical exams annually. You even get to have a better understanding of your health.

Schedule an Annual Physical Exam

There are numerous benefits of getting an annual physical exam. Book an appointment with specialist Daniel Maenner to get an annual physical exam. Your long-term health depends on the annual precautions you take.

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