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Breakfast options for a healthy lifestyle

Breakfast options

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only for a healthy lifestyle, but also for good gut health. Fiber rich breakfast options keep the digestive system functioning well, and are full of probiotics and prebiotics that are healthy for the gut flora. Many diseases of the gut and chronic health problems can be avoided with good intake of fiber, for which breakfast can be an ideal time.

People who suffer from food intolerance, and chronic gastric issues, should incorporate more probiotics and fiber in their diet on advice of the best gastroenterologist in Islamabad.

Why is breakfast important?

Studies show that eating breakfast helps to kickstart the metabolism and provide the body with energy after an overnight fast. This, in turn, helps to improve concentration and memory as well. This much needed energy helps to burn calories throughout the day, and helps to add focus for daily activities.

Studies show that having breakfast helps to improve the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol i.e. LDL, and lower the risk of getting diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Breakfast is also the ideal time to consume healthy micronutrients, vitamins and fiber from grains, dairy and fruits.

On the other hand, skipping breakfast throws off the body’s circadian rhythm, and the blood sugar that’s needed for muscle activity is not replenished. Furthermore, skipping breakfast leads to increased risk of diabetes, for both men and women, as well as higher risk of heart disease.

Read on for some great breakfast options:

Eggs: is one of the healthiest breakfast options, apart from being delicious. Egg white contains proteins which increase the feeling of satiety, while egg yolk contains antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. Additionally, eggs have choline, which is an important nutrient for brain health.

Greek yogurt: is also a good source of protein that can reduce the feeling of hunger throughout the day by increasing satiety. Certain types of Greek yogurt are also a rich source of probiotics like bigidobacteria, which improve gut health and prevent disease. Greek yogurt can be topped off with fruit or nuts for flavor and more nutrients.

Fruit: also makes for a great breakfast option. With its high fiber content, high nutrient ratio and low caloric intake, it makes for a great meal; one cup of chopped fruit can have only 80 to 130 calories. For a well-balanced breakfast, fruit can be paired with cheese, Greek yogurt or eggs, which can provide energy for the day, and help kick-start the metabolism.

Cottage cheese: is rich in protein, and is as filling as eggs. Its full of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and helps to promote weight loss. Because of its high protein content (almost 25 grams of protein in one cup), cottage cheese increases satiety and decreases the level of hunger hormone—ghrelin. To make it even more nutritious, cottage cheese can be eaten with flaxseeds or nuts.

For someone looking to start their day with a more balanced meal, healthy breakfast is a good choice. If you are feeling tired despite consuming a healthy breakfast, then something could be wrong. Reach out to a gastroenterologist in Karachi to get a complete checkup.

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