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Differences between Nasonex and Flonase

Differences between Nasonex and Flonase

Nasonex and Flonase are the medicines used to treat the symptoms of allergy. Allergic rhinitis and non-allergic rhinitis is a problem that people face throughout the year. The major thing about allergy is that people confuse it with bacterial and viral infections. That is what leads to many other problems. So if you are having difficulty identifying it paying a visit to the doctor will help you recognize. Proper anti-allergy medicines are recommended then. Nasonex and Flonase are among those anti-allergy medicines which are commonly used.

Nasonex and Flonase

Nasonex and Flonase are a lot alike. The main similarity between them is that they are used for allergy treatment. They both are from the class of corticosteroids. Even though the main active ingredient in them is different the class of both these drugs is the same. The active ingredient present in the Nasonex is mometasone while in the Flonase it is Fluticasone. They both being the part pf corticosteroid class have the same action of reducing the inflammation.

The difference in the mode of action

Both of these drugs have the same result and that is a reduction in inflammation. The difference between Flonase and Nasonex in this regard is that Flonase inhibits the substances that cause inflammation while Nasonex reduces the inflammation on its own. The major difference between bot these two medicines is that Flonase releases the symptoms of allergic as well as non-allergic rhinitis while the Nasonex is used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis only Nasonex is the medicine which is used to relieve the nasal polyps as well. Flonase treats symptoms of watery and itchy eyes and Nasonex is no help in such a case. Despite these few differences, both drugs are used equally.

Differences in dosage

Nasonex and Flonase are available in the form of a nasal aerosol. The method of administration of both of them is the same. The dosage is available in the form of nasal spray and you ad mister it in the same manner. Nasonex can’t be bought as an OTC medicine and you will need a prescription for this one. Whereas Flonase can be bought as an OTC medicine without a doctor’s prescription. But you should consult your pharmacist regarding the use of this medicine. Storage condition s for both are slightly different. You can store Nasonex at the temperature as low as 1 degree Celsius while the Flonase can’t be stored below 5 degrees Celsius.

Side effects in Nasonex and Flonase

Nasonex and Flonase have similar symptoms but there are few symptoms that are different in both of them. The Flonase is responsible for causing asthma-like side effects while when it comes to Nasonex it can cause the viral infection as well as the nasal sores.

Both these drugs are quite similar but the differences in them help your doctor to decide which one you can buy. The selection of the medicine type based on your previous medical condition as well as your age and other such factors.

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