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Has distance therapy become more than just easy listening?


In conjunction with the digital age, internet or phone therapy or called familiarly distance therapy is not anything new for it has developed through the years. This therapy type is not a “facial” encounter but done over the phone or online via the internet. However, distance therapy can reach more patients in different locations covering far distances.

therapyWhat important matters are resolved in Distance Therapy?

Common issues discussed in internet therapy are important matters arising from anxiety relating to day-to-day matters as food or eating problems. More sensitive issues are appropriately discussed in the traditional type therapy. Any form of phone therapy excludes the face-to-face encounter. For people experiencing involving multiple crises, distance therapy may not be effective.

For instance, in suicidal patients, hearing inflection online lacks more intensive interventions due to inability to see body language. Online therapists need more specific plans in case of client emergencies.

Pros and cons of Distance Therapy


  • Provides better access of mental health to people in rural areas.
  • Patients with physical limitations have better accessibility.
  • Both affordable and convenient.
  • Convenience and affordable.
  • Easy way to dissemination health information.
  • Proper educational tool for health in body and mind.


  • Type of therapy by most Insurance Companies.
  • Psychologists not allowed by some states to provide services outside their home state.
  • A problem concerning keeping your confidentiality and privacy in case of unreliable technology.
  • Phone therapy incapable of responding during crisis moments.
  • This type of therapy cannot handle serious mental illness.
  • Procedure lacks capability of providing complete info.
  • Might bring about potential ethical and legal problems.

Online therapists are more than just listeners

It is a fact that therapists are professional listeners, but with a reason. Even in ordinary life, improving your listening skills can improve your relationship.

Online and traditional therapists will do these –

  1. Assist patients think deeply on issues to aid them create constructive changes.
  2. If needed, associating with others for an effective change to happen.
  3. For better result, might refer clients to other experts.
  4. Prepare and arrange contract to determine what will be discussed in the sessions.
  5. Set limits on any matters of confidentiality.
  6. Motivating patients to open up.
  7. Recording sessions.
  8. Required to be with patient around 20 hours per week.
  9. Listening!

Importance of listening for a therapist

Whether it is distance or traditional therapy, in virtually all forms of therapy, one of the most important factors is listening ability. Therapists need to listen actively listen to clients.

Active listening’ means giving full concentration on what is being not just hearing passively to the message of the speaker. The therapists reflect their thoughts back to patient and remember important events and feelings conveyed in them. They pay attention to what is not being said and explore what it communicates. For example, a child witnessing the murder of his parents will keep mum about his traumatizing experience. His silence might be telling you something.

Distance therapy is more than just easy listening:

Active listening is listening with all senses… with all your heart. Even at a distance, via phone or internet, active listening gets all information relevant to help patients overcome whatever problems are confronting them. Online therapy is one good option!

Online Therapy Specialists

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