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How to Effectively Deal with Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain could adversely affect the ability to go on with everyday activities and it could be better to seek immediate medical attention if the pain is recurrent. You could seek the services of Jersey City back pain experts near you who could advise you on the best methods of treating the pain. You should know what causes the back pain, if it is serious, and the treatment options at your disposal.

What Causes Back Pain?

You might realize that the pain could develop gradually or instantly due to trauma or infection. However, your doctor could correctly diagnose the cause of the back pain by imaging study or through physical observation of the painful parts. A doctor will then conclude if your pain results from the following causes:

  • Rupture of the disks that cushion the vertebrae bones in your spinal cord that results in back pain. The disks contain soft tissues, and the tissues could bulge and rupture due to pressure from poor posture or trauma thus pressing the sensitive nerve endings on the spinal cord leading to persistent pain. A doctor could determine if the disks have ruptured using an X-ray machine and other imaging technology such as MRI.
  • Back pain could be associated with infections such as arthritis. Arthritis often results in stenosis which is a condition that narrows the space around the spinal cord. Back pain could be a symptom of arthritis and you might have to treat the underlying condition to effectively deal with the pain. 
  • Porous and brittle bones could lead to back pain and it could result from osteoporosis diseases which leaves fractures in the backbones.

How to Know If the Back Pain Is Serious

Although each back-pain case is unique you could know if your case is serious if it does not subdue with time after taking pain relief medications and undergoing other home pain-relief therapies. Even if the pain is not intense, if it does not go away after some days it could indicate other underlying medical conditions that need the attention of a pain specialist. Chronic pain which affects the ability to perform daily chores could be an indication of a serious problem also that requires urgent medical attention. Your doctor should effectively treat all the underlying conditions that cause back pain to effectively relieve you of the pain.

Non-Surgical Methods of Treating Back Pain

Surgical treatment of back pain poses many risks and extends the healing period and patients who go through surgical means of pain treatment could still require subsequent surgery to completely relieve pain. It is prudent to choose a non-surgical method of treatment for back pain that is customized to soothe specific types of pain. Some customized non-surgical pain relief methods that could work for your condition include:

  • Epidural injections on the lumbar region could prevent the pain caused by trauma by blocking the nerve endings that send the pain signals to the brain.
  • Using a spinal cord stimulation device that sends electric currents to the nerve endings on the spinal cord helps prevent the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.
  • You could use an intrathecal pain pump to inject medications directly to the spine. However, you should be keen to inject the medications according to the directions of a pain relief expert.

The Bottom Line

Chronic back pain can make life unbearable and it could be wise to consult back pain experts who will help you manage your condition. If the back pain does not go away with medications it could indicate other underlying conditions that require the attention of a doctor. It is prudent to choose non-surgical pain-relief methods as they are least risk and effective.


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