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Natural Remedies for Treating Acne

Treating Acne

Despite the presence of different kinds of formulated treatments, some people still opt for a natural remedy for acne since it is believed to contain lesser chemicals which can cause allergic reactions to the skin.

The following is a list of natural products which can be used to treat acne.

(1) Aloe Vera – This watery jelly-like substance extracted from the Aloe Vera plant is proven a very effective natural cure for acne or pimples.

(2) Tea Tree Oil – This substance is taken from the Melaleuca alternifoliais tree found in Australia. It contains bacteria-fighting substances named Terpenes.

(3) Vitamin A – This can also be found in tablet form. It promotes healthy skin.

(4) Zinc – There are capsules which contain zinc which are known to repair skin and at the same time strengthen the immune system.

(5) Vitamin E – This vitamin is considered a natural antioxidant and comes in gelatin capsules along with Soybean Oil, Water, and Glycerin.

Sometimes, what our bodies need is just the right nutrition and proper skin care. The following are tips which can be used to complement using a natural remedy for acne.

(1) Applying honey mask to the face once or twice a week can help in the disinfecting and healing of your face’s minor blemishes. It not only brings positive results but is also a gentle remedy for those with sensitive skin.

(2) Wash you face twice a day (when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night) with mild soap or a soap specially formulated for those with acne. Most of these soaps are sulfur based. Avoid scrubbing your face with any cloth. While the face may feel clean after excessive scrubbing, it may stimulate the facial pores to produce more sebum which can lead to more acne.

(3) Keep hair from touch the skin on your face as oil contained in your hair might be transferred to your face, contributing to acne breakouts. Make it a habit to wash your hair after doing activities which may cause you to sweat.

(4) Take vitamins (preferable those with Vitamin E and Vitamin A) to help promote healthy skin condition.

(5) Consider including chromium in your diet as it is excellent for healing skin infections.

(6) Carrots contain Vitamin A and should be part of your nutritional diet. Vitamin A does not only make eyesight better but it is also proven to be essential for the repair and maintenance of the tissue with which the skin is made of.

(7) Avoid wearing makeup if possible. If it can not be avoided, be sure to look for water-based makeup and be sure to remove it before you go to sleep at night.

(8) It may be tempting to do so, but squeezing and picking blackheads and pimples should be avoided at all possible costs since it can only cause more sebum production and may cause infection under the skin.

(9) Wash pillow cases and beddings every other day as it may contain oil which it has absorbed from your face. Lying on them might just reapply the oil and dirt.

What actually makes a natural remedy for acne effective is not only because it contains natural ingredients; natural remedies are best effective if the user would complement it with proper skin care and proper diet.

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