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The TempSure Envi® cosmetic laser therapy is an efficient, contemporary solution for skin rejuvenation, tightening, and smoothing. Dr. Kyle Scarborough and the competent staff at Family Life Medical in Conroe, TX, employ the TempSure Envi device to assist you in reaching your aesthetic objectives and revitalizing your skin. Addressing anything from wrinkles and fine lines to discoloration and scars, the TempSure Envi technology is frequently the aesthetic key to softer, smoother, and tighter skin. Schedule a consultation with Conroe skin rejuvenation expert Dr. Kyle by calling the office or requesting online today.

What Exactly is Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation pertains to cutting-edge cosmetic solutions that revitalize and renew your skin. Skin rejuvenation targets pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, and other skin disorders.

Following evaluating your skin and addressing your objectives throughout an individual visit, Dr. Kyle creates a personalized care plan for your skin.

Skin rejuvenation therapies may entail skincare products, facials, or laser technology, including Cynosure’s TempSure Envi®.

What exactly is Tempsure Envi?

TempSure Envi is a radiofrequency therapy, which securely and consistently provides tissue burning and skin tightening. The cosmetic system could effectively cure various aesthetic issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and scars.

TempSure Envi is a skin-tightening procedure, which could also be used to tone and even out pigmentation as well as to cure facial redness.

How Does Tempsure Envi Function to Rejuvenate the Skin?

TempSure Envi directs focused light beams to a specific region. Laser radiation at specific wavelengths carefully removes the surface layer of your skin while heating the deeper skin. Laser energy stimulates cell regeneration and the formation of new collagen fibers.

As the targeted region recovers after your procedure, new, healthy skin develops. Your new skin is tighter, smoother, and softer. For optimal outcomes, you may require repeated procedures.

What Should You Anticipate from Your Tempsure Envi Therapy?

Dr. Kyle provides eye protection and typically desensitizes your skin with an anesthetic cream or topical gel for your relaxation when using TempSure Envi.

The radiofrequency energy is then delivered by delicately gliding the TempSure gadget against your skin. Procedures typically last 45-60 minutes, suggesting TempSure Envi is an ideal lunchtime treatment. The feeling of the TempSure Envi procedure is often compared to that of a pleasant hot stone massage.

Following your session, Dr. Kyle will apply a soothing cream and provide you with instruments or lotions to use at home to calm your skin. You are free to leave the clinic as soon as you want.

For several days, you may get red skin, which appears as a light sunburn. After roughly a week, you will notice healthy new skin cells developing.

What are the Advantages of Using Tempsure Envi?

Family Life Medical employs TempSure Envi technology because of its several advantages, including:

o The ideal addition to any beauty regimen

o It is safe to use on all degrees of sun damage and skin types

o There will be no needles, operation, or recovery time

o Accessible in-office method

o Long-lasting and spectacular outcomes

o Secure, efficient, and accurate radiofrequency technology

Search no further than the TempSure Envi for radiant skin and the finest in skin rejuvenation procedures. Contact Family Life Medical over the phone or book an appointment online to get started right away.

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