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Shoulder Pain Specialists Ramsey, NJ

Shoulder Pain

Raising your arms, styling your hair, and grabbing things from your cupboard may seem like a normal thing until you experience shoulder pain. The discomfort always affects your flexibility and mobility and makes even the simplest activities to be challenging. If you experience any irritation or get an injury on the shoulder joint or the surrounding muscles, seeking a specialist in shoulder pain in Ramsey at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine is your best solution. They offer treatment options that have proven to be successful for alleviating and healing your shoulder pains.

Shoulder PainCauses of Shoulder Pain

Apart from sports injuries, accidents, and overuse, there are medical conditions and diseases that cause shoulder pain; among them are:

          A break in the bone connecting the breastbone and shoulder.

          An injury where the upper arm bone comes out of the shoulder blade socket.

          Rotator cuff injury

          A stretching or tearing of ligaments, the fibrous tissue that connects bones and joints.

          A partial or complete tear of tendons

          Heart disease

          Gallbladder disease

          Broken arm

          Inflammation of the bursae that act as cushions at the joint.

          Torn cartilage

Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine

This is a hospital staffed with trained physicians and skilled nurses who offer quality, compassionate medical treatment to give you relief from your pain. The physical discomfort of the shoulder might be associated with inflammatory and arthritic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which is treatable.

Over the counter medicines and applying an ice pack every few hours in the painful area are some of the simple home remedies suggested to reduce the strain, treat, and manage the symptoms of shoulder pain. However, if the pain persists for more than two to three days with redness, swelling, tenderness, or warmth around the joint, you should visit Progressive Spine and Sports medicine and get a diagnosis, which includes physical examination and tests such as X-rays. This helps to identify the cause and all the problems related to your shoulder pain.

The paramedics offer non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatments options such as:

          Physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise

          Bracing or splinting

          Muscle relaxants

          Athletic taping

          Hot or cold therapy

          Steroid injections and other joint injection

          Regenerative medication, such as stem cell therapy

          Electrical stimulation

          Nutritional counseling

          Acupuncture and electroacupuncture

          Botox injections

          Osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT)

          Limited use of medications when necessary, such as muscle relaxants.

This treatment helps reduce inflammation, speed up your body’s natural healing process, and relieve all your shoulder pains. Of all the shoulder treatments known, this has proven to alleviate your pain giving full relief and quick recovery. Your shoulder muscles, tendons, and joint pains do not stand a chance with experts in the Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine who give you quality, compassionate medical treatment.

Make an appointment with them today and get a satisfactory, excellent treatment that will help you go back to your normal daily activities in no time.

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