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Signs That You Need an IPL Facial

IPL Facial

Skin damage and aging can make the skin’s surface covered in spots, blemishes, stains, wrinkles, and fine lines. Through an IPL, all such visible defects can be minimized or eliminated to bring out an even skin tone.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a cosmetic procedure carried on to even out the texture of the skin on the surface and get rid of visible signs of aging and skin damage due to the sun. IPL is also popularly known as photofacial or photorejuvenation.

IPL, unlike lasers, uses a singular wavelength of pulsating light to warm the skin gently. On getting heated up, the skin will flush out all the unwanted cells and correct the skin defects, thereby restoring a more even skin tone.

Visiting a specialist in facial treatments in McDonough can help address your skin concerns and make the necessary change with the help of IPL.

Here are a few signs that will indicate the need for an IPL facial:

Controls Acne

Acne carries along with it skin redness and inflammation, which can be eliminated using a photofacial. The intense light from the procedure kills acne-causing bacteria. Repeated facials can help the skin shed an old layer and produce new ones. There will be no need to apply other acne-removal ointments after the procedure.

Reduces Visible Signs of Aging

Photofacial can help with premature aging of the skin. After the procedure, it is advised to limit sun exposure and apply sunscreen as the skin is pretty sensitive.

Reduces the Visibility of Blood Vessels

Visible broken blood capillaries and spider veins can be removed using IPL. The light from the procedure is well absorbed by red blood cells, thereby leaving an even tone after the process.

Complies With Additional Treatments

The revitalizing of the skin through a photofacial can also be paired with other non-surgical procedures like dermal fillers and botox. Dermal fillers enhance the effect of IPL, while Botox can eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles which cannot be destroyed through IPL.


There is barely any recovery time needed after the procedure. The photofacial does not cause any inflammation or irritation once completed. It is less risky in comparison to laser skin resurfacing.

Not Necessarily Only on the Face

The photorejuvenation process is restricted to the Face and can be done on the arms, chest, neck, legs, and shoulders. In case of sun damage in multiple parts of the body, IPL can help out.

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