Stairlifts and What You Need to Know About Them


If you’re thinking about getting a stairlift, it’s totally normal to wonder how it actually works. It’s a big decision, and you want to be sure about how it’ll help you or your family member.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about how stairlifts function while checking them out, or perhaps you’ve already got one, and you’re just curious. Stairlifts are pretty straightforward devices with three main parts that make them work smoothly. There are other parts for comfort, but these three are the most important.

The stairlift mainly has three important parts:

The motor: It’s tucked inside the stairlift’s base and is like its powerhouse, making the whole thing move. It’s powered by a battery.

Battery: This is what keeps the stairlift going, also sitting in the base. Our stairlifts use top-notch, long-lasting batteries, so you won’t need to swap them out often.

Gear: Connected to the motor, this is the part that does the moving. It’s on the track and does the up-and-down motion.

Apart from these main parts, most stairlifts have other handy stuff like remote controls. The extra features you get can vary based on the brand and type of your stairlift.

How do stairlifts get power?

Most stairlifts Philadelphia run on two DC batteries kept in the stairlift’s base. These batteries get charged by plugging the rail into your home’s power. This setup lets the stairlift work independently from your home’s electricity for a while, so even during a power outage, it should keep going as long as it’s charged. If you need the socket that the rail’s using, you can unplug it briefly without any trouble.

How do you get a stairlift measured?

During your free in-home evaluation, our professionals will measure your stairlift so you won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll go over the installation process and answer any questions you may have. Having a ballpark figure for the dimensions ahead of time is helpful, however. In order to make sure it fits, precise measurements are essential if you want to purchase a used one from a source other than a stairlift provider.

This is only a rough suggestion for measurements. Seek expert help whenever you’re unsure about anything.

Prior to installing the stairlift, choose your preferred side of the staircase. Think about how it might work in practice and what obstacles could be in the way. To make sure it fits well, give yourself a little more space at the very top and very bottom of the steps.

Your stairlift will alert you via lights and alarms if you fail to charge it in a timely manner. If you leave it unplugged for too long, the batteries might die, and you’ll have to buy new ones.

Picking a side is the first step; the next is taking measurements. When ordering a stairlift, there are four critical dimensions to keep in mind:

The staircase’s length is:

When measuring steps that are perfectly straight, start at the top step and work your way down. Make sure everything is accurate by having someone at the bottom and someone at the top.

When designing a curved stairlift, it’s important to take the curvature of the wall into account.

The staircase’s width is:

Take your measurements from wall to wall, railing to the railing, or railing to the wall, depending on the arrangement of your staircase. Take a few measurements, as the top and bottom of certain steps could have different widths.

For the base of the steps, it’s the same as before. The stairlift installation cannot proceed without these empty spaces, which also provide some breathing room for the lift to fit properly.


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