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Ultherapy, The State-Of-The-Art System For A Scalpel-Free Facelift


Ultherapy is a revolutionary lifting treatment based on the emission of micro-focused ultrasounds. Its goal is to stimulate the natural production of collagen, strengthening the skin’s structure and making it more toned and compact.

The unique prerogative of ultherapy is the patented “DeepSEE” technology, which allows the doctor to see the tissues he is treating in real-time on a monitor: in this way, it is possible to radiate the heat generated by the ultrasounds in-depth, not only at the level of skin and subcutis but also in the superficial muscular layer, up to now only reachable with a surgical facelift.

A non-invasive lifting treatment with proven effectiveness.

What are the special features of the ulthera system, the only one approved by the American FDA for the ” non-surgical facelift “and so loved even by the stars?

Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasounds or the 超聲刀, which reach deep into the tissues and can stimulate the production of new collagen and elastic fibers. The heating induced by the ultrasounds causes a “contraction” of the collagen fibers, lifting the skin and reshaping the oval of the face, a bit like with the surgical technique.

But how is it possible to reach the superficial muscular layer of the face, which is a very deep structure, without having to incise the skin’s surface? The answer lies in the targeted action of Ultherapy’s ultrasounds, which reach with extreme precision the points needed to stimulate with heat without damaging the surrounding structures.

Tone and lift the skin without damaging the surface

To obtain a significant “lifting” effect, experts must convey the right amount of heat to the tissues at the right level of depth, leaving the skin surface intact.

This is possible thanks to the additional functionality of the Ultherapy machine, which, thanks to a special handpiece, performs a real scan of the tissues, allowing the doctor, who must be an adequately trained specialist, to see on a display in real-time on which layers of fabric is acting.

This and other cutting-edge features make the treatment safe and free from unwanted effects; after all, ultrasonic energy has been a precious resource in various medical fields for over 50 years.

One quick and painless session for a long-lasting result

The treatment carried out on the face and neck lasts about an hour, and it is not necessary to administer any anesthetic because there is no pain or discomfort.

The sensation that the patient experiences during the treatment does not depend on the passage of the ultrasound energy but on the heat produced by it, which is always kept within a limit to be well tolerated. This sensation of heat that is concentrated deep in the tissue is a positive sign, indicating that collagen production is being reactivated.

At the end of the procedure, some redness may sometimes remain, and there may be areas temporarily sensitive to touch, without this affecting the performance of normal activities.

The partial result of the Ulthera “non-surgical lifting” is immediately noticeable, even if to appreciate the greatest benefits, you have to wait about a month, the time necessary for the creation of new collagen and elastin, the proteins that “support” the structure of the skin and make it toned, smooth and young. The benefits of the treatment remain stable for at least 12 months.

The session can be carried out at any time of the year, regardless of the phototype, and does not require avoiding sun exposure either before or after. If necessary, it can be combined with the application of fillers or other outpatient or surgical treatments.

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