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Many cardiovascular conditions are complex, with others being fatal, including heart disease, which is a major cause of death today. You can lower the risks of getting these conditions through healthy lifestyles, including regular exercises, healthy diets, frequent check-ups, reduced smoking, and alcohol intake. Your heart health is vital in ensuring you live a quality, healthy life. If suffering from any cardiovascular condition, it’s essential to seek immediate medical attention to help receive appropriate treatments and save lives. Prime Heart and Vascular is a cardiovascular health practice dedicated to providing efficient medical treatments to meet all your needs. Dr. Rishin Shah, a board-certified cardiologist, is available to help patients live healthy lives through quality treatments.

The practice has locations in Allen, Carrollton, The Colony,, Frisco, Lewisville,Farmers Branch and Plano, Texas, and excels in serving the surrounding communities conveniently. Under the leadership of Dr. Shah MD, they strive to offer the most effective and quality standard treatments. With over a decade of experience in cardiovascular problems, he is highly knowledgeable and experienced in treating and providing personalized treatment options to meet patients’ needs. Dr. Shah uses extremely small invasive treatment options to regain their health.

Prime Heart and Vascular is a premium cardiovascular health practice proudly giving serving in the greater Dallas, Texas area. The high expertise cardiology specialist, Dr. Shah, understands all cardiovascular health complications at any time and delivers cutting-edge services to enable patients to live better healthy lives. He leads his team in offering extensive compassionate care to all their patients. They understand the impact the conditions can have on patients; hence they are warm and friendly to them, making them feel at home whenever on their premises. Through their detailed consultation, they ensure to build long-lasting relationships, treating you as part of their family.

Services include:

Heart attack

A heart attack is fatal, and it’s essential to lower its risk as much as possible. Dr. Shah, a cardiovascular specialist, and cardiologist at Prime Heart and Vascular is available to help patients improve their heart health through effective diagnosis and treatments. Visit them for services to improve your health.

Peripheral artery disease

Peripheral artery disease is a serious condition with severe complications such as amputation. Dr. Shah has experience in treating this disease through effective treatment methods. Call them or book an appointment online for a consultation.

Prime Heart and Vascular, led by Dr. Shah, a board-certified cardiologist, leads in providing cardiovascular care in the Texas area. He values and respects all his patients’ needs striving to meet them through personalized treatments. With over ten years of experience, he provides effective treatments, and patients are assured of the best results. His core values include providing treatment from the H.E.A.R.T, (hospitality, empathy and enthusiasm, attitude, respect, and teamwork). Knowledgeable cardiologists use advanced and minimally invasive methods to provide safe and efficient services. Prime Heart and Vascular offer services, including varicose veins, vein treatment, chest pain, heart disease, stress testing, and atrial fibrillation. They are welcoming to all patients. Visit them today in your preferred location in Texas for services with a difference.

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