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Your Secret to Superior Dental Health Within California

Dental Health

Oral wellness contributes immensely to your overall good health. That said, you should endeavor to give your teeth the best care they deserve for a lifetime of an attractive smile. If you struggle with dental complications around Tarzana, California, contact Kaveh Kanani, DDS of Around the Corner Dental Health Spa, to achieve optimal dental health.

About the Practice

Founded in 2001 by Kaveh Kanani, DDS, Around the Corner Dental Health Spa continues to bring top-notch dental solutions to California’s diverse community. The practice applies a family-oriented approach in a relaxing environment to enable their patients to feel comfortable during treatment. Upon visiting the newly renovated dental office, your needs are met by a welcoming and friendly staff.

Inside the modern office, patients can enjoy state-of-the-art technology with services such as CT scans and on-site x-rays. Your certified panel is widely experienced in multiple unique dental health treatments, including implants, laser gum therapy, tooth extractions, gum disease treatment, and emergency dentistry.

The practices’ acknowledgments include being an Invisalign certified provider, a PerioProtect certified provider, and having a license in oral conscious sedation procedures. Moreover, the practice is accredited in implant dentistry and laser teeth whitening.

Services Available

Your providers at Around the Corner Dental Spa are conversant with a full range of oral practices to address your dental needs. Contact the practice to receive high-class treatments such as:

  •       Invisalign Specialist – Braces are not just meant for kids. If you are considering braces but are apprehensive of traditional braces, Dr. Kanani offers a better alternative. Being a certified Invisalign® provider, you can trust his methods to strengthen and straighten your teeth effectively.
  •       Implants Specialist – If you seek to restore your smile’s natural appearance and function, dental implants are the most viable treatment. Dr. Kaveh Kanani has performed numerous successful dental implants throughout his practice. Contact Around the Corner Dental Health Spa for a better smile.
  •       Gum Disease Treatment Specialist – The leading cause of tooth decay among adults is periodontal disease. Dr. Kaveh emphasizes that prevention is critical when it comes to gum disease. He continues to advocate for early intervention in case of bleeding gums, even if painless.
  •       Missing Teeth Specialist – Missing teeth greatly impacts your appearance and self-confidence. If you are having concerns over missing teeth, contact Kaveh Kanani at Around the Corner Dental Health for a world-class replacement alternative.
  •       Tooth Extractions Specialist – Tooth extraction can be a traumatizing experience. However, at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa, Dr. Kanani guarantees less pain after removal and fast recovery, unlike conventional methods.
  •       Veneers Specialist – Dental veneers are among the quickest methods guaranteeing a fabulous smile. Additionally, veneers are versatile and can cover several cosmetic problems. If you seek to improve your smile with veneers, contact Dr. Kanani for more information.
  •       Emergency Dentistry Specialist – Dental emergencies often occur unexpectedly with no prior warning. If your concern is extreme tooth pain, knocked-out tooth, or cracked tooth, Dr. Kanani understands your predicament and the urgency. Call the office to book your emergency dentistry appointment at any time.

Bottom Line

Tooth care is vital for adults and kids alike. Contact Dr. Kaveh Kanani or reach out to Around The Corner Dental Health Spa on the phone or online for a customized treatment alternative.

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