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5 Sure Signs You are Approaching Menopause


As you approach menopause, you are sure to experience hormonal changes that can disrupt your quality of life. If you are in your late 40s or early 50s and you are confused about the symptoms you are experiencing, be sure to contact the menopause specialists at Contemporary Women’s Care, who have helped many women understand menopause in Winter Park. Additionally, here are six sure signs you are approaching menopause that should alert you to seek expert care to help you manage the changes occurring in your body.

  1.     Your Periods Becomes Irregular

If your periods have changed their pattern and are now all over your calendar and seem to be shorter, or sometimes you are missing them altogether, this is an indication that you are nearing menopause. It can simply mean that you are in the premenopausal stage. Sometimes you can go for a month or two without a period, and it’s not because you are pregnant. If this is your case up to the point where it has become difficult to track your period, speak to a menopause specialist who can help you understand more about these effects.

  1.     Mood Problems and Irritability

If somehow you find everything not pleasing you and are annoyed easily by almost everything and everyone, maybe it has to do with some hormonal changes as an indication you are approaching menopause. You might also experience irritability from sleeping difficulties due to hormonal changes. If this is you, then it’s time to seek help from a menopause specialist.

  1.     Decreased Libido

Although your desire to engage in sex can be affected by several factors, at this age, it is a clear sign you are approaching menopause. This is where you find sex not appealing, and you are not in the mood, and even if you try, it doesn’t work out or improve your mood. Whatever it is you are feeling, it’s time to speak to a menopause specialist who can diagnose your condition and ascertain it is happening due to hormonal changes resulting from approaching menopause.

  1.     Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

These are among the most popular signs of menopause, and they can begin as early as ten years before the actual menopause begins. You can experience night sweats and hot flashes a few days before or after your menstruation. You can describe them as a feeling of heat bubbling up from your core that engrosses your entire body, making you sweat uncontrollably and flush red. This can make you wake up at night where you realize you are very hot and sweating like you have a fever. This is a sure sign you are approaching menopause and what you need to do is talk to a menopause specialist.

  1.     Painful Intercourse

If you have been experiencing increased pain at the opening of your vagina during intercourse, this is a sign you are approaching menopause. This is because as you approach menopause, your estrogen levels fall as the moisture and elasticity on your vagina drops. As a result, your vagina becomes dry and tighter, thus the painful intercourse. Although most women experience these symptoms once menopause has already begun, others still experience it as the menopause nears.

In general, you are going to experience several hormonal changes as you approach menopause. If you are already experiencing the above symptoms or others you are not sure about, it’s time to speak to a menopause specialist. The team at Contemporary Women’s Care is more than willing to help you out.

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