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Meet a Board-Certified Optometrist in Frankfort and Bourbonnais, Illinois


Taking care of your eyes requires the assistance of a board-certified, honest, compassionate, and tolerant optometrist. Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates deliver supreme vision and eye care in Frankfort and Bourbonnais, Illinois. You shall meet Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski, a top eye doctor with a long experience working for the best results through personalized treatment.

Services Offered at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates

Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. is a board-certified specialist versed in:

  •       Eye exams Dr. Rutkowski offers comprehensive exams for eye health and eyesight. He uses the Jaeger eye chart, Snellen eye chart, or a phoropter to check your vision. Dr. Rutkowski uses retinal exams, slit-lamp exams, tonometry, or peripheral vision tests for eye health. Diabetic eye exams are available for conditions associated with diabetes.
  •       Astigmatism occurs when corneas are more oval and longer, interfering with light focusing on the retina and blurring your vision. Dr. Rutkowski diagnoses astigmatism through keratometry, visual acuity, and refraction. Your condition is corrected through contact lenses, eyeglasses, LASIK surgery, or IntraLase for a permanent solution.
  •       Contacts and glasses For the best results, you need contact lenses and glasses that are specifically designed for you. Dr. Rutkowski considers individual symptoms to draft a fully customized treatment plan for effective results. Your yearly eye exam is used for checking refraction and eye health to determine whether you need a new prescription or replace lenses.
  •       Red-eye may affect adults and children with uncomfortable symptoms like bloodshot and sore eyes. Dr. Rutkowski reviews your lifestyle and symptoms and conducts a conclusive eye exam to determine your red-eye’s underlying causes to draft a fully personalized treatment plan. You may need to make lifestyle adjustments to avoid red-eye and other eye problems.
  •       Allergic eye problems make eyes itchy, red, watery, or sensitive to light when your eyes interact with allergens. Dr. Rutkowski considers individual symptoms and independent triggers for the allergy to deliver a fully personalized treatment plan. Your allergy treatment may include lifestyle adjustments, steroid eye drops, oral antihistamines, or mast-cell stabilizer eye drops.
  •       Dry eye treatment is available for the condition that causes adverse vision and eye health accompanied by dry, hot, and painful eyes. Dr. Rutkowski performs comprehensive eye exams and reviews your symptoms to understand the root cause of your dry eye. Your personalized treatment plan may comprise eye drops, lifestyle adjustments, and adhering to care guidelines from your optometrist.
  •       LASIK If you need to rectify vision without glasses or lenses, a LASIK surgery may come in handy. Dr. Rutkowski considers specific conditions to determine your eligibility for a LASIK procedure. You may benefit from the traditional LASIK or opt for the new and least invasive IntraLase. You need to make a follow-up visit to ensure that recovery is flawless.
  •       Eye health Good eye health involves more than glasses and contacts. Annual eye exams go a long way in caring for your eye’s health. Dr. Rutkowski can help avoid common eye diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, eye disease related to high blood pressure, and diabetic eye disease.


Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates is equipped to handle eye complications through the latest treatment options and equipment. The practice drafts a fully customized treatment plan to ensure that each patient achieves the best results. Call or visit the website to book an appointment today.

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