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Can Sciton Laser Treatment Give You The Perfect Skin?

Laser Treatment

The battle to keep your skin unblemished is a daunting one. Naturally, age is your number one enemy, and numerous skin moisturizers and creams are your defense. Over time signs of aging show on your face, like wrinkles and deep furrows. Finding the perfect solution is taxing. However, Laser peel in Marion, an innovative laser resurfacing technique is here to your rescue.

Lasers are not always used to secure vaults in banks. Dermatologists wield the beams to correct undesirable skin blemishes. Sciton laser treatment is fast gaining popularity over other similar laser treatments; we delve into its efficacy and advise you if it is the best remedy for blemished skin.

How does Sciton work?

Sciton is a fractional laser resurfacing technique that works from the dermis up to your skin. Sciton evens out fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and clears unwanted hair. The versatile laser treatment uses heat energy to target hyperpigmented areas where most skin defects stem.

The laser energy stimulates the growth of new skin feels and collagen production. The end result is more supple, wrinkle-free skin.

The benefits of Sciton laser treatment

Wrinkle-free skin

As you age, your body produces less collagen, and therefore repetitive facial expressions form permanent prints in your face that form wrinkles. Laser treatment stimulates natural collagen production while promoting the growth of new skin that’s wrinkle-free.

Improved scar appearance

If you have scars due to trauma or surgical scars, then you’ll love laser treatment. The energy beam removes permanent indentations on your body without affecting neighboring tissues. Additionally, the laser energy evens out your skin tone where there had been existing scars.

Reduced discoloration

Whether it’s age spots or sun spots, Sciton evens your skin tone for more glowing skin. Sometimes you may have freckles that are unsightly and do not match your skin tone, then Sciton is for you.

Reduces facial veins

You know that tired look your eyes have in the morning? Sometimes the exhausted eyes can be due to thin skin, and a fellow culprit is the appearance of prominent blood vessels. Facial veins also show due to skin irritation and harmful sun rays. Usually, one or two sessions of Sciton are enough to reduce facial veins.

Hair free skin

Unwanted body hair is tough to get rid of since, after shaving, it grows back in days. Laser treatment targets the follicles and destroys the hair from the dermis. The results may last for some months before you require another session.

Smooth skin

Large pores cause your skin to be bumpy and rough. Laser treatment reduces the size of the pores and makes your skin smooth, so you don’t feel coy being up-close with other people.

Preparation for laser treatment

There is no special preparation routine. However, avoid sun exposure some weeks before the treatment. Also, discuss your medical history with your doctor to check for any signs of cold sores.

Laser treatment usually has no downtime. The results are long-lasting, but you need to follow your dermatologist’s post-care routine.


Sciton is an innovative laser treatment that has immense benefits on your skin. It is one of the most effective minimally costly laser treatments. Schedule an appointment at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. to enjoy laser skin resurfacing benefits.

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