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Do Blue light glasses actually work?

Blue light glasses

Blue light glassesIsn’t it annoying to get constantly berated by your parents for staring at screens for hours? Guess what, your parents are right. Sitting against a screen for an extended amount of time is highly ravaging for your eyes and overall health. Not only it alters your vision but also contributes towards serious risk of developing eye disease, poor sleeping hours and physical and mental exhaustion. You experience a series of severe soreness and uneasiness.

According to the latest research, youngsters experience top rates of eye discomfort and problems nowadays. The reason turns out to be digital dependency, so alamo 70% of them. It’s true and growing concern amongst parents and others about screens damaging your vision.

How do screens alter your eyes and vision?

All digital devices like computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, smartphones and others are responsible for the emission of blue light rays from their screen. Blue light rays are emitted from the sun, LED lights and all our digital devices, though less compared to giant bodies like the sun. These harmful rays are responsible for many increases in eye problems along with long-term risk of eye disease. As our eyes are exposed to these detrimental rays at a proximity of the screens, there’s a higher chance of developing major eye problems. With each hour gone by, the amount of blue light rays increases and so does the eye problems and visual condition.

For blue light’s significant exposure, many gaming companies are coming up with gaming glasses to help the customer protect their eyes. Blue light rays affect every age equally. If you are an employee, you sit against a screen for hours, then you are also most likely to experience such visual discomfort. According to recent research by NEI-funded study, it says that children of age 10-16 absorb more blue light glasses than adults.

The major problem of blue light rays starts with the occurrence of eyestrain, headache, blurry vision, red-eye, itchiness, dry-eyes, burning sensation and others. Though these problems appear insignificant at first but eventually they occur frequently and cause a lot of disturbance.

Apart from frequent problems, you’ll also be at a higher risk of developing progressive vision loss along with an uneven sleeping pattern.

The sole solution with these detrimental rays is to stop them from entering the retina and causing future damage. With the latest revolution in lenses, blue light glasses is the most sought-after solution to these growing concerns.

How does Blue light glasses help?

Blue light glasses really work phenomenally in eradicating harmful blue light rays from your eyes. Blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses contain superior and protective blue light coating on them with anti-reflective properties, that reflect incoming rays to complete zero. With no longer rays entering your eyes, you experience various benefits and lessen eye problems while operating on your devices.

Here are the following benefit of blue light glasses:

Reduce eye strain – Blue light glasses help in completely eradicating blue light rays coming from computer screens and other digital devices. Which leads to elimination of all problems caused by screens like fatigue, dry-eyes, irritation, unclear or blurry vision. You feel free and relaxed while surfing the web or while playing games.

No risk of Permanent Vision Loss – Blue light glasses helps to overcome the major fear for your eyes. It’s been said that blue light rays continuous penetration in the retina leads to retina damage. Hence it will lead to potential vision loss through age-related macular degeneration or cataract. Since you wear blue light glasses now, you’ll no longer be at any stake of danger facing these blue light rays.

Good Hours of Sleeping Pattern – Earlier with blue light rays to use, you would often experience that you don’t feel sleepy under its exposure. It’s true blue light rays stop the release of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin and you stay awake at night while operating any device. It further causes poor sleeping habits and makes you feel exhausted and tired the next day. Blue light glasses get rid of the natural altercation and bring back suitable sleeping hours.

Head to Specscart to get the best pair of blue light glasses. All available in beautiful frames with free try on glasses services. Blue light coating is available on prescription and prescription-free  lenses as well.  If still not satisfied, then it also offers free fully loaded glare-free, scratch-free, UV-free and Impact resistance coating on your lenses. These essential and complementary coatings give assurance of high-quality and protection at the maximum level. When opportunity knocks on your door, you should make the best out of it, go ahead and protect from serious threats.



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