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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately forty-four million annual visits to dermatologists with the reasons for skin rashes, acne, skin lesions, pigmentation, or discoloration. In Fort Worth, TX dermatologist delivers comprehensive clinical care by valuing conscientious medicine and compassion with customization to each patient’s needs. With the help of health experts who succeed in personal medical attention in a serene and comfortable environment, they target equipping the patients in the locality with education to have healthy skin.

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What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is a medical discipline that targets the treatment of conditions that affect your skin.

What is The Function of a Dermatologist?

Other than the cosmetics and medical condition treatments, Northstar Dermatologists can assist in detecting the signs and symptoms of underlying ailments; for instance, diabetics can trigger symptoms that affect the appearance of your skin. The dermatologist will always be the first to identify such conditions.

What Are The Services And Provision You Can Get At Northstar Dermatology?


It is a skin condition that commonly infects the arms, back, shoulders, and chest. However, acne is not fatal, but can cause scarring to the skin and thus causes distress emotionally. Acne condition results from the clogging of pores or hair follicles with dead skin or too much oil. It then triggers a bacterial infection that results in swelling.


Botox aims at alleviating wrinkles through therapeutic injections to areas of the target in the form of pure botulinum toxin. The muscle contracts upon injection, and the wrinkles disappear when it relaxes. The treatment targets the forehead furrows, bunny lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet at the corner of the eye.


Mole is a skin condition that arises when the cells that give skin color grow in a cluster; they can turn into melanoma cancer. The condition occurs when you are exposed to UV rays or usually use tanning beds that damage the skin cells, resulting in speedy growth of skin cells that pile in clusters. Northstar Dermatology can alleviate this condition when the diagnosis is made at an early age.


It is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the face but can also occur on the back or chest. A prominent sign of rosacea is the appearance of blushes that become persistent, especially at the face region that posits redness. It’s due to eating spicy foods, wind, sunlight, strenuous exercise, or fluctuation between hot and cold temperatures. You are likely to receive sun protection, gentle skincare, laser therapy, and medications as your treatment.


Psoriasis is a severe inflammatory condition that occurs when there is faster growth of the skin cells than usual. Due to the speedy growth, they pile up to form scaly plaque or red patches on the skin surface. At Northstar Dermatology, your doctor may administer treatment through phototherapy, oral medication, and topical therapy.

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