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Is Using CBD Oil Beneficial in the Treatment or Prevention of Diabetes


Using CBD oil may come in handy for people with diabetes to get relief from associated pain and inflammation. It can also help to prevent diabetes symptoms from worsening. The use of CBD seems to be promising for many diseases though it is still in the trial process. Learn more about CBD Oil For Treatment or Prevention of Diabetes at

What is CBD? 

Abbreviating Cannabidiol, CBD is a compound of the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is another primary compound of the same plant. It is the ingredient known for producing a “high”. Cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive properties.

CBD for Diabetes 

The ongoing areas of research reveal that CBD may help treat or even diminish the risk of developing diabetes type 1 and type 2. Both human and animal studies look at the possible effects of CBD on blood glucose, insulin levels, inflammation, and associated complications, including pain.

According to the results of these studies, CBD showed improvements in diabetes prevention, inflammation, and pain. CBD products like oil, however, haven’t shown any effectiveness in controlling the levels of HDL cholesterol and blood glucose.

Although diabetes type 1 and type 2 have different origins and treatments, they need to deal with the excessive glucose in the blood. Human bodies make use of the hormone insulin that helps in the regulation of blood glucose levels.

When you consume something, the pancreas generates insulin. This insulin serves as a key to unlock specific cells, allowing sugar from the food and beverages you consume to go into the chambers so that they use it for energy at a later stage.

Almost a five-percent of people with diabetes suffer from type 1, which is when the body does not produce adequate insulin. It means sugar will remain in the bloodstream and harm blood vessels and deprive cells of fuel.

Diabetes type 2, on the other hand, is known for being in the majority. It develops when cells stop responding to insulin. Known as insulin resistance, it results in excessive glucose levels circulating in the blood. It also leads to increased inflammation levels in the body.

Prevention of Diabetes 

No clinical trials established whether or not using CBD oil can help prevent diabetes in humans. According to a study by Auto-immunity Trust Source, mice with nonobese diabetes had a considerably lower risk of developing the illness after getting treatment with CBD.

Inflammation & Pain 

Research looking at inflammation due to high glucose levels says that CBD consumption effectively helps to improve the inflamed body. Another study reveals that CBD not only helps reduce inflammation but also gives relief in pain associated with sugar. CPD consumption, however, has not proven any effectiveness in improving the levels of HDL cholesterol or managing blood sugar.

Ways of Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil is the extraction of cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. Manufacturers dilute it with carrier oil like hemp seed oil. Coconut oil can be another choice to water down the Cannabidiol oil with and make a product in different ways. Some of the CBD forms that can help you get rid of diabetes symptoms include the following:

1. Vaping

Vaping is a process of inhaling smashed CBD oil using e-cigarettes or vaping pens. It tends to be the fastest technique to see its results. Inhaling vaporized compounds absorbs them directly into the bloodstream from the lungs. Although vaping may be useful for many, it has some downsides as well, including irritation or damage to the airway. Learn more about Using CBD Oil at

2. Oils & Tinctures 

Most people prefer using CPD products in the form of oils and tinctures. It comes with an easy-to-use formula, which allows you to place CPD oil under the tongue with the help of a dropper. This way, the oil absorbs quickly into the blood and shows its effects. You also get the choice of using oil with food or drinks by adding a few drops to it.

3. Edibles 

Edibles are gummy-like chocolates made from CBD extract. These are easy-to-eat and taste good. Generally, edibles make the ideal choice for those who do not want to swallow pills. Since these candies take time to ingest, they are a bit slower in showing the results.

4. Tablets & Capsules 

CPD tablets and capsules contain oil or tinctures. They take a while to ingest and demonstrate a desirable effect.

5. Local Creams & Lotions 

The market has many creams and lotions containing cannabinoid extract. You can apply these topical products directly to the skin to relieve the muscle or joint pain. Remember, most CPD skin lotions and creams do not go into the bloodstream and so show their effects on the skin.

Prescribed Amount of CBD Oil for Diabetes 

Your doctor will be the right person to suggest the right amount of CPD oil for your specific case. They should be able to recommend you which CBD products or brands may be best suitable for you and prescribe the dosage you should begin taking. When it comes to trying a new medicine or healthcare supplement, make sure to initiate with a low dose to check whether or not you can well tolerate it, and if it is an effective remedy for your condition.

Downsides of CPD 

According to Ryan Dean Hoggan, CPD oil and products have a positive reputation in the market; there are some side effects that you should know before using it for your diabetes treatment. Some of the side effects of CPD products include fatigue, nausea, change in appetite, and change in body weight.

Interactions with Other Medications 

The majority of doctors recommend using CPD in the combination of other prescriptions or pain management plans. Therefore, it entails more research to understand how CPD can better interact with other medications. Cannabidiol consumption may lead to an increase or inhibition of another medicine’s effectiveness or downsides. Ideally, you should first consult with your doctor to get the best advice on its use for your diabetes. It becomes especially critical if you are using any pills that contain a grapefruit warning.

Why Is It Vital to Consult a Doctor 

Since CPD still needs to be proved as an effective remedy for diabetes, patients should use its products with due care and with a realistic approach. Your doctor can help you make sure if using cannabidiol is a safe option for your case. You can take their assistance to get the idea of proper dosage and try it.

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