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Learn about dentures, including implant-supported dentures

dentures, including implant-supported dentures

One of the best ways of optimizing your oral health and enabling you to keep smiling, especially if you have lost one or more of your teeth, is using dentures. Dentures in Hilliard restores your courage and self-esteem to laugh, talk, and smile in a group of people. Dental specialists usually go a further step whereby they offer implant-supported dentures that enable you to have a functional new smile that feels and looks nice on you.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances used to replace multiple teeth or a single tooth, thus restoring your smile. They are mainly made up of porcelain, and they are attached to an acrylic base that makes them look natural like your gum tissue. Due to advancements in technology, today’s dentures are more comfortable, advanced, and look more natural than they used to.

What are implant-supported dentures?

The main difference between traditional and implant-supported dentures is that traditional dentures are usually supported by gum tissue, while implant-supported dentures are kept in place by dental implants. Dental implants refer to small titanium posts that are usually inserted into your jawbone to hold the dentures into position. Since the human body does not recognize these titanium posts as a foreign substance, it does not react negatively to them, thus allowing the dental implants to fuse to your jawbone. It, therefore, provides a sturdy and strong foundation where your dentures can be attached and remain in position.

In most cases, implant-supported dentures are the best smile-replacement option for individuals who have a lot of teeth missing, but who still have a good amount of healthy bone remaining in their jaws. They can be used to replace your upper or lower teeth, but they are often used in replacing the teeth along your lower jaw. This allows your dentures to stay in place compared to regular dentures which have a hard time sticking.

Why should one get implant-supported dentures?

We are going to learn why one may require implant-supported dentures by looking at the benefits of both traditional and implant-supported dentures. Traditional dentures can improve your appearance, smile, and overall health in various ways. They include: making it easier for one to eat solid food, improving your ability to speak, maintaining the appearance and shape of your face by preventing jaw and facial muscles from sagging or atrophy, and also enhancing your look by filling holes in your smile.

On the other hand, implant-supported dentures typically have all the benefits of traditional dentures, but they also have few extra upgrades. The extra benefits of implant-supported dentures include improved stability in your mouth, giving a more natural appearance, and enhancing functionality, and the ability to withstand a greater biting force. Implant-supported dentures also stimulate your jawbone, thus stopping bone loss that usually occurs when one loses teeth, and therefore preventing your jaw from shrinking and altering its shape, which with time, leads to a long-lasting fit of traditional dentures.

In summary, if you are interested in learning more about implant-supported dentures, visit Innovative Dental Ideas. The dental specialist uses implant-supported dentures to improve your oral health and restore your smile. Doing so raises your self-esteem and courage to speak and smile in the midst of other people. You can also use the convenient online tool to book an appointment or visit their offices for more information.

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