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Transforming Smiles Using Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

The way your teeth look has a tremendous impact on your smile, ultimately affecting your self-confidence. The dental practice of Dr. Nishita Gandhi offers cosmetic dentistry services to patients who wish to improve the aesthetics of their teeth. Cosmetic treatments vary depending on the patient’s dental condition. The most common aesthetic concerns patient’s want to have fixed include:

1.Tooth gaps

This condition is commonly known as a diastema. The size of spaces between teeth is mainly determined by genetics. If a person has a more prominent jawbone and smaller teeth, then there will be gaps. Additionally, diastema occurs when the tissue bordering the gum line and front maxillary teeth overgrows, forming a separation.

In children, gaps are not something to worry about because they eventually disappear after shedding their baby teeth and growing permanent ones. However, adults find this a cosmetic concern and thus look for ways to close the gap.

To fix this problem, a dentist may recommend permanent or removable braces to close the gap. However, for patients who do not want the attention of wearing braces, veneers are an option. If the gap is formed from a missing tooth, dental implants and bridges can correct the cosmetic issue.

2. Uneven gums

Some patients are anxious about smiling in public because they have excessive and uneven gum tissue, which sometimes gets in the way of optimal dental health. Most of the time, this condition is innate. However, traumatic injury to the mouth may misalign the gum line. It is important to seek dental care, mainly if your uneven gums result from recession, leading to tooth loss. A dentist may perform a gingivectomy which is a surgical procedure to remove the excess tissue. For receded gums, grafting is necessary to increase volume and rebuild the gum line.

3. Stained teeth

As you age, your teeth begin to lose their luminosity. Engaging in poor lifestyle habits, for example, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of coffee, are causes of discolored teeth. Practicing poor dental hygiene habits can cause plaque buildup, which may darken the teeth or cause them to appear yellow.

There are so many ways to treat discolored teeth, like using whitening strips and remembering to brush using toothpaste and rinse with mouthwash. However, for severely discolored teeth, your dentist may perform a whitening procedure that involves the use of a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.

4. Worn teeth

This aesthetic condition is common in older patients because it is primarily a side effect of aging. Ground down teeth may be caused by:

  • Attrition: The wearing out of biting edges of teeth results from mechanical functions like chewing and clenching.
  • Abrasion: Aggressive brushing can cause the sides of the teeth to wear out.
  • Erosion: This effect is caused by diet. Any acidic drink or food causes loss of tooth structure.

Worn-out teeth are usually treated with custom-made appliances like crowns.

There is a broad spectrum of treatments available depending on the results you are hoping to get. Contact Nishita Gandhi, DDS, for a consultation appointment to help you reach your smile goals by determining which cosmetic treatment is suitable for you.

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