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Restore Your Missing Teeth with the Use of Dentures


Dentures are components made to replace your missing teeth or tooth. The unique thing about dentures is that they are removable. According to research, older adult’s teeth wear out faster than those of young people. The biggest cause of tooth loss is oral accidents. When you have some missing teeth, you are not able to chew food. On the other hand, you may suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. If you have some missing teeth, book an appointment with dentures in Delray Beach specialists because they are the best. Below are the different types of dentures.

Types of dentures available for you

There are two types of dentures available in your dentist’s office. They include:

  • Complete dentures. Complete dentures are used to replace your whole dentition. These dentures can be either immediate or conventional. For immediate dentures, you can replace your teeth immediately after they are removed, while with conventional, you have to wait for twelve weeks after your teeth are removed to replace them. As per the research, your jawbones and gums shrink after you lose your teeth. However, the main disadvantage of immediate dentures over conventional is that “immediate” does not give your gums time to heal; thus, you may feel pain when chewing.
  • Partial dentures. Partial dentures are used to replace several teeth. Mostly, partial dentures are attached to the metal framework that is then fused on your jaw bone. However, dentures can also be attached to a pink or gum-like plastic material that is then placed on the original gums. In case you have lost teeth, a bridge is suitable for you. The main advantage of partial dentures is that despite replacing missing teeth, it prevents the remaining teeth from changing their positions. Below are the importance of dentures.

The importance of dentures

There are many benefits that are associated with dentures. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Improves chewing. Teeth facilitate chewing and crushing hard foods. Since dentures act like your original teeth, you are capable of chewing and biting.
  2. Improves speech. Teeth play a significant part when speaking. When you lose some teeth or even the whole dental formula, it becomes hard for you to communicate. Dentures replace your original teeth; hence, you are capable of speaking correctly.
  3. Improves self-confidence. It becomes hard to interact with your friends when you have some missing teeth. It becomes shameful to the extent you can suffer from stress and depression. Dentures are modified to resemble your original teeth; hence, you can interact without being shameful.
  4. Prevents teeth shifting. According to dentists, when you have some missing teeth, the remaining teeth can shift towards the space. Dentures fill the gaps; thus, no teeth shifting can occur.

Dentures are very popular across the world. According to research, not every person with missing teeth is a candidate for dentures. However, your dentist is responsible for confirming you as a candidate for dentures through an oral examination. SEDA Dental health center is the best you can visit for dentures.

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