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Regaining Your Lost Hair Through Hair Restoration Procedure

Lost Hair

Hair loss can happen to anyone depending on their circumstances. Some women lose hair when breastfeeding, while others may be using products that interfere with particular hormones responsible for promoting steady and healthy hair growth. Cancer may also cause one to lose hair. No matter the circumstances, deciding to see your best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch at Honest Hair Restoration can be an excellent move to make. However, you can only qualify for this type of procedure after your hair restoration specialist assesses your medical history and your current condition.

Who is an ideal candidate for hair restoration?

  1. Your age

Anyone can lose hair regardless of their age and gender. You may notice that your hairline is receding at an alarming rate, leading to premature baldness. However, it is not advisable to see a hair restoration specialist until you hit your 30s. Specialists prefer performing this procedure on people who have experienced gradual hair loss because it is easy to calculate how much they have lost.

  1. You are not in a hurry to see the results

It is human to want to see instant results, especially if you have had hair loss for a considerable time. All you want is to regain your youthful hair to boost your self-esteem. Unfortunately, hair restoration does not guarantee that your hair will grow instantly. To have successful hair restoration results, you must be willing to exercise a great deal of patience.

  1. Hair restoration medications no longer work

You might have read journals, magazines, or articles recommending the best hair restoration medications. You may have tried your hand on some, but you have not seen any changes. The best they can do is to encourage short-term hair growth. Overdosing on these medications can expose you to side effects that your body might not accept. If you want a permanent solution, go for a hair transplant.

  1. Your hair loss is affecting your quality of life

Some men and women resort to wearing wigs to mask their hair loss problem. The worst part about making this a daily habit is that it affects your confidence each time you look in the mirror when you are without your wig. Also, you shudder at the thought of not letting your head breathe even for one second because you are afraid of the comments people around you might make. Fortunately, a hair transplant gives you the chance to ditch those wigs and caps, boosting your confidence.

  1. Your medical history renders you fit for a hair transplant

Like any other surgical procedure, your doctor can only conduct a hair transplant after confirming your physical health is stable. As a hair restoration candidate, the last thing you want is to develop future complications due to failed surgery. If your doctor discovers that you are not fit for the procedure, it is advisable to find out what other restoration options can save your situation.

Regain your confidence by going for hair restoration

If you discover that you have qualified for hair restoration, see a qualified hair transplant specialist. It is a lifetime decision that can affect your life if anything goes wrong. To learn more about how hair restoration surgery is conducted, book an appointment online.

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