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Signs That You Need Temecula Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals preserve teeth that are severely damaged or infected. It might be difficult to determine if you require root canal therapy or alternative treatment, especially if you are experiencing gum or tooth pain or temperature sensitivity. Physical symptoms do not normally appear until the problem has progressed, which is why you must consult a dentist.

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What Are the Signs for Root Canal Treatment?

Inflammation and Swelling

Root canal patients may have inflammation and tooth edema along with discomfort. You could notice a little elevated or painful region around your gum line, as well as swelling across your neck and face. While swelling may subside on its own or with over-the-counter drugs, this does not address the underlying issue. To find out what’s causing the issue, visit a good dentist.

Gum and Tooth Pain

One of the most common signs that something is wrong with your teeth is pain. Although gum and tooth pain may not always signal you need a root canal, the infected teeth can cause severe discomfort. When you put pressure on the region, chew, or clean your teeth, the discomfort may become more extreme.

Tooth Discoloration

Discoloration can be an indication of tooth decay. However, this can also occur due to tooth staining. But if you observe this symptom then it is better to contact a dentist without making any delay.

Dental Abscess

Patients with a severely infected tooth may develop a tooth abscess, or a pus-filled pocket, as a result of the infection. Swollen gums, pain, and a foul taste in the mouth are all symptoms of an abscess. It’s critical to seek dental assistance as soon as possible since an untreated abscess can make breathing and swallowing difficult.

Tooth Sensitivity

The distinction between dental pain and tooth sensitivity might be hazy. However, if your tooth is suddenly sensitive to cold and hot foods, you may require a root canal. When the pulp chamber of your tooth is infected, the nerves in the pulp chamber might overreact to heat, causing a lasting sensation.

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