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Top 5 Tips to Improve Erectile Dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction is a prevalent condition that can strike men at any age and can be disruptive and embarrassing. However, you do not have to live with it. Medical experts such as Palm Beach Gardens sexual medicine specialists at LifeWell M.D. can help you. The providers can help you through integrative men’s sexual health treatments. However, you can also help yourself to improve your libido performance. The following are creative ways to manage your condition naturally at a low cost and with simple efforts.

  1.     Practice Kegel Exercises

Yes! Men too can engage in Kegel exercises. They are not meant for ladies alone, as many people tend to assume. Therefore, you should get in action and add these exercises to your daily schedule to strengthen your pelvic floor. The activities are relatively simple, but you can always seek your doctor’s guidance to ensure that you are doing the right thing. These exercises’ main aim is to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area, which can improve your ED and your overall sexual performance. Generally, you can tighten the muscles, hold for about 3 seconds and release. You can repeat that about ten to fifteen times thrice per day.

  1.     Keep Fit

Exercises should be on your daily menu. Traditional exercises work wonders and can help improve your sexual health. This is because exercises such as aerobic exercises improve your blood flow which is highly required for your arousal. Besides, keeping fit will also help you shed some extra pounds, which contribute to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you can increase your chances of reversing the ED. Note that you don’t have to engage in complicated exercises to keep fit. Even a nice long walk can do.

  1.     Limit Your Alcohol Intake

If you are an alcoholic, you have to know that it could be making your condition worse. If you feel that you need one drink to help you loosen up and put you in the mood, you should be in a position to control yourself, or else you will end up drinking two or three and more. Alcohol dulls your sexual reflexes and your central nervous system, meaning that the more you drink, the more your body will not feel, respond, or perform at its best. However, be sure that if you cut the drinks, you will experience improvements in the bedroom.

  1.     Sensate Focus

Stress is one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction, among other psychological reasons. You can be stressed by not having confidence in yourself or by being unsure of what to expect. However, several techniques can be used which involve experiences focused on sensation rather than performance. Therefore, you can learn more about your body and your partner’s, creating new patterns of expectations and reducing anxiety.

  1.     Engage Your Partner

Every problem is halfway solved when spoken out. Besides, complications such as sexual dysfunction don’t only affect you but also your partner. Therefore, it is good to talk about it with them as it creates a supportive environment to try several remedies. Besides, conversing with your partner even before you engage in sexual activity or not in the bedroom can relieve your anxiety. Honesty and teamwork are essential in managing erectile dysfunction.

All these five tips will help you improve ED, but you have to remember that people are different. That is why you need to work with a men’s sexual health specialist to help you do the right thing that will help you. You can contact LifeWell M.D. and learn more about how you can manage erectile dysfunction.

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