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Top 5 Ways to Tell if You Are Depressed


Depression is not only a common health complication, but it is a serious mental issue that should not be underestimated. It can take a toll on your joy and happiness, lowering the quality of your life. The big news is that help is easily achievable, and medical experts like Dr. Alejandra Suzuki offer expert ways to get back to a quality life. Although it is normal to feel lonely, sad, and hopeless sometimes, learning when to seek help is vital to avoid becoming more severe. Here is how to tell you might be depressed.

Assess Your Thoughts and Moods

Sometimes you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings to determine if you are depressed. Although it is normal to feel sad and stressed, you can research early depression signs or take an online quiz to determine your depression levels. Also, you can pay attention to your emotions and moods, considering that depression is not a singular feeling but a collection of negative thoughts and emotions that develop over time. Additionally, watch for any desire you might have to withdraw from your loved ones as depression may affect your ability to connect and relate with others.

Evaluate Your Behavior Changes

Although depression is mainly associated with emotions and feelings, sometimes you can notice physical changes in your body. Ensure you periodically check your weight for any extreme changes having in mind excessive weight gain or loss could be due to depression. Also, depression can impact your behaviors, and it would be good to note down any changes you might have had recently. You can also rate how many accounts you have cried in recent times and the reasons for that. Additionally, if you have been having mysterious aches and pains, it could be due to depression.

Listen to Others

Depression can take a toll on the quality of your life, such that your friends or family members can note something is wrong. Although they might be unsure of what you are going through, ensure you note keenly what they are saying to you. You might be depressed, but you do not know, but a friend can tell you about your moods and emotions to help you know something is wrong.

Evaluate Your Past Events

Some events in your life can cause sadness and grief to you, which is normal. However, if you have had a traumatic event like an abusive marriage or relationship or lost a loved one, your chances of developing depression are high. Although people grieve differently, it is good to understand how you do it when it is no longer normal. Also, watch out for stress triggers like a medical diagnosis or anxiety and seek help to manage them before getting worse to depression or other mood disorders.

Get a Diagnosis

Anytime you suspect something is not right with you, the best step to take is to reach out to your doctor for help. You can seek an expert diagnosis from a medical professional if you are not certain about your symptoms, and your provider will help you understand if you have depression. Put in mind that it is good to get a second opinion, especially from the medical experts, about what you think about your health.

Anyone can become depressed for various reasons. Reach out to America’s TMS Center if you have suspicious signs for help identifying if you are enduring depression. You can come out of that situation to improve the quality of your life. 

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