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Here Are Facts You Need to Have Concerning Diarrhea

Concerning Diarrhea

You have probably encountered a bout of diarrhea before. If so, you understand how disruptive this condition can get. While it is normal to experience this condition’s inconveniences every once in a while, its persistence dictates that you seek medical intervention promptly. Dr. Pothuri is the leading provider for Cypress diarrhea treatment. If you experience chronic diarrhea discomforts, contact the dedicated providers at GastroDoxs for a customized treatment plan to help you regain your optimal digestive function and health.

Is Diarrhea a Medical Condition?

Every individual is bound to experience diarrhea at some point. Although this condition normally passes after some days, the tenacity of the same can prompt multiple severe complications to your health and conduct of daily activities.

During the early days, diarrhea often led to life-threatening conditions. Dehydration, being the most severe result, led to the loss of lives of many early Americans. To this date, diarrhea continues to be a serious issue in some parts of the developing world.

Presently, diarrhea is a condition that is easily treatable with proven methods. If your diarrhea persists for more than two days or comes with pain, Dr. Pothuri recommends seeking medical care. If you witness dark or bloody stools and dehydration signs, contact GastroDoxs for effective treatment.

Common Cause of Diarrhea

Diarrhea results from many causes, making it difficult to find relief on your own. Such causes include:

  •       Dietary issues

An incompatibility to lactose or sensitivity to numerous natural and artificial sweeteners can often prompt simple diarrhea cases.

  •       Medical Conditions

Some individuals experience diarrhea from a gastrointestinal disorder or following abdominal surgery. Antibiotic medications may also cause diarrhea since these medications obliterate both the good and bad bacteria living within the human body.

  •       Viruses and Bacteria

Viral infections, especially rotavirus, viral hepatitis, and Norwalk virus, can also lead to bacteria. Bacterial infections can also contribute to diarrhea, including E. coli and salmonella.

Available Treatment Options for Diarrhea

Upon visiting GastroDoxs for relief from chronic diarrhea, Dr. Pothuri begins by conducting a comprehensive examination. He later designs a personalized treatment plan to address your unique needs.

In other cases, Dr. Pothuri might recommend additional screening, such as a stool sample or procedures like a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy. These test results may reveal more severe underlying conditions that demand treatment.

While dehydration may be addressed by boosting your intake of water, salts, and electrolytes, severe dehydration demands intravenous hydration. Some people may find relief for diarrhea by adjusting their prescription medications.

Other Services Available at GastroDoxs

GastroDoxs specialists offer numerous services at their strategically located clinics. Contact them to receive treatments including:

  •       Colonoscopy
  •       Colon cancer
  •       Irritable bowel syndrome
  •       GERD
  •       EGD
  •       Dysphagia
  •       Constipation
  •       Abdominal pain
  •       Acid reflux
  •       Rectal bleeding

Bottom Line

Diarrhea is a dire condition that can cause you plenty of inconveniences. You must seek professional intervention if you have unrelenting diarrhea. If you are ready to witness lasting relief from this condition, Dr. Pothuri at GastroDoxs has all the solutions you need at his disposal to solve your problem. Call or schedule your appointment online to regain your optimal bowel health.

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