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What Are The Available Tooth Replacement Options?

Tooth Replacement Options

Having a missing tooth or teeth is not one of the things you want to experience. Other than the dent in your smile, it affects your teeth’ function, including chewing, biting, or speaking. Missing teeth also put your oral health at risk of infections and complications, such as bone resorption.

If you have missing teeth in Emerson, let Archer M. Katz, DMD, Emerson Dental Arts correct your issue and restore your oral health and function. Dr. Katz uses top-quality dental techniques to bring your oral health back to life. Make a call today to have your consultation.

Why do you need to replace missing teeth?

The first notable impact of missing teeth is on your smile. But, other than what is seen, there is more to it. Missing teeth can lead to a shift to the remaining teeth, damaging your bite, which may cause bone loss.

The gap on your jaw can also interfere with your chewing and speech. Usually, people do not bother if the missing tooth is at the back as long as it is not visible. But, it is good to know that it may also cause oral problems.

What causes missing teeth?

Missing teeth may result from various factors, including,

· Tooth decay

· Accidents

· Injury

· Gum disease

· Tooth extraction

You may also have missing teeth due to a genetic condition known as hypodontia. The genetic problem is, however, common with wisdom teeth but can also happen with adult teeth. Whatever caused you to lose your teeth, call Dr. Katz today to have your replacement.

What are the treatment options for replacing missing teeth?

Your dentist will discuss your desired results and develop the best option to replace your missing teeth. Some of the available options include:

· Implants

· Dentures and partial dentures

· Porcelain bridges

Your provider examines your mouth’s health, including your jawbone and soft tissue. Dr. Katz also considers your aesthetic goals, preferences, oral hygiene, and your overall health, recommending your treatment option.

Before deciding on your replacement option, you may want to consider the following.

· Cost

· Durability

· Convenience

· Comfort

· Expected results

Dental implants

Dental implants involve a tooth root replacement using a metal material, usually titanium. Your provider places the implant into the jawbone, where it eventually merges with your jaw tissue to give a lasting replacement solution.

The merging of the implant with your jaw bone prevents bone loss and restores the face appearance. The implants feel like your natural teeth, giving a natural smile.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures provide the best option for when you have lost all your teeth or most of them. They are removable; usually, you place them on top of your gums and remove them during the night.


They are false teeth supported by your adjacent teeth. Your provider fixes the bridge to the missing gap to provide a permanent solution. The bridges undergo some adjustments to the surrounding teeth to allow them to fit perfectly.

Missing teeth pose a lot of issues to your oral health, including bone loss risk. That’s why you need to correct the problem to improve your oral health and function. Call Emerson Dental Arts today to learn the available replacement options.

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