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All You Need to Know About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the sagging skin of the neck and jowl area. The aging process produces slackening, drooping skin around the neck, making people appear older or fat even though they are actually at an appropriate height. Neck lift surgery is one of the most common facial cosmetic procedures.

A neck lift only corrects the aesthetic problems of sagging skin; it does not address underlying conditions such as bone loss, tumors, or excess fatty tissue. For these reasons, treatment with fillers and fat grafting may be necessary to achieve desired results. Neck lift surgery can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a brow lift, facelift, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. Before getting neck lift surgery, you should consult a Scarsdale neck lift specialist.

Here are a few things to expect throughout the neck lift process.

Before Surgery

Neck lift surgery can help you appear younger and more vibrant. You’ll be able to look in the mirror again with confidence, knowing you’ve turned back the clock. Your doctor will assess your current health condition to determine if you are a candidate for neck lift surgery. You should be in good physical health with no history of heart disease, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, or cancer. Your surgeon should know about all prescription and non-prescription medications you’re taking before the procedure.

After Surgery

A small tube will be placed under your skin to drain excess blood and fluids following surgery. You may wear a bandage over the incision for protection. They will place a soft neck collar around your neck to provide compression and reduce swelling. It should stay in place for three to five days or until you return to your doctor’s office for removal. Your doctor will recommend specific aftercare instructions, including when to begin gentle range-of-motion exercises for your neck and arm mobility, what scar treatment products to use when it’s okay to remove the neck collar, and so on.

Risks of Neck Surgery

There’s always a chance for side effects and complications with any surgical procedure. If you’re considering neck lift surgery, your doctor will review a list of potential risks, including:

  • Unfavorable scarring as a result of leaving the incision uncovered
  • Infection
  • Swelling can sometimes cause problems with your breathing
  • Numbness or decreased sensation over the front part of your neck from where your platysma muscle was repositioned
  • Excessive bleeding due to the presence of blood clots that remain undetected
  • Asymmetry or changes in skin color
  • Facial asymmetry (unevenness) as a result of swelling, severe muscle injury, bone injury during surgery, nerve injury, or fat necrosis

To summarize, neck lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the sagging skin of the neck and jowl area. Before surgery, you will go over your current health status with your doctor to determine if you are a candidate. During surgery, your surgeon will administer anesthesia before creating a collar around the neck from which they will operate. After surgery, you will need to wear a bandage to protect the incision. You will also go over the risks with your doctor before surgery.

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